Short Blocks

Maths Year 4 Autumn Addition and Subtraction (B)

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Mentally add/subtract near multiples (suggested as 2 days)

With TA or Tutor

These materials are for a TA or Tutor to use with a small group of children or one child.

They support the learning in class in this unit.

Notes are provided for teacher and TA/Tutor.

Back to Lockdown?

If your class or school is having to close for a while, these materials provide a home dimension as well as a clear route map outlining what to teach online, and what to practise at home.

Coming soon!



In-depth Investigation: Images of Addition and Subtraction
This activity looks at a range of models and images used for addition and subtraction. Challenge the children to sort the cards and think about all the skills they are using. Images of Addition and Subtraction from