Short Blocks

Maths Year 3 Spring Place Value and Money

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Understand PV in money; x 10 and ÷ 10 (suggested as 2 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1 Teaching
Use mock or Interactive Whiteboard coins to show £2.40 and £2.04. Explain that the zero in £2.40 shows that are no pennies, and the zero in £2.04 shows that there are no 10ps. Which is more money, £2.04 or £2.40? Model adding and subtracting amounts of money. Play the ‘Nasty Game’ to make the smallest and largest amounts of money.
Group Activities
-- Play the ‘Nasty Game’, making 3-digit numbers with money.
-- Solve and create word problems for addition and subtraction with 3-digit amounts of money.

Day 2 Teaching
Show pictures of priced toys (see resources). Children work out how much it would cost to buy 10 whistles at 34p each. Model writing 34p in a money place value grid and moving the digits to the left to multiply by 10. Repeat for other toys.
Group Activities
-- Multiply and divide shop prices by 10 and 100.

You Will Need

  • Large mock or Interactive Whiteboard coins
  • 0–9 cards, additional 0 cards
  • ‘Nasty Game’ board sheet 1–3 (see resources)
  • Mini-whiteboards and pens
  • Place value grid (see resources)
  • ‘Party bag toy shop’ sheet (see resources)
  • Money place value grid (see resources)
  • Multiplying by 10 and 100 sheets 1 and 2 (see resources)
  • Real money

Mental/Oral Maths Starters

Day 1
Write amounts of money in pounds and pence (pre-requisite skills)

Suggested for Day 2
Division facts for 2 times table (simmering skills)

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving

  • Write these numbers in figures:
    (i) Two hundred and five.
    (ii) Six hundred and sixty.
    (iii) Nine hundred and ninety-one.
    (iv) Three hundred and three.
  • Write these amounts in figures:
    (i) Four pounds and thirty pence.
    (ii) Six pounds and seven pence.
    (iii) Ten pounds and eleven pence.
  • Write the missing numbers
    £3.40 × 10 = ☐
    ☐ ÷ 10 = £5.50
    100 × 9p = ☐
    £7 ÷ ☐ = 7p

In-depth Investigation
Adapt the Nice or Nasty game from to explore place value when making 3-digit numbers with money. Links with one of Day 1's Group Activities.

Extra Support

Zeros Matter
Writing amounts of money in pounds and pence, including amounts with 0 in the 10ps or 1ps column