Short Blocks

Maths Year 3 Summer Multiplication and Division (B)

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Solve scaling problems (suggested as 2 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1 Teaching
Write a list of ingredients for a flapjack recipe. This is enough to make one tray. We need lots of flapjacks for the cake sale. What do we need to do? Together, multiply each measure by 4 by doubling twice. Repeat with a lemonade recipe, scaling it up by a factor of 10.
Group Activities
-- Scale up recipes by 4x and 10x.
-- Scale up drawings (rectangles and triangles) by 4x and 10x.

Day 2 Teaching
Show a life-size outline drawing of yourself with measurements that are all multiples of 10cm. Explain that we will make a scale drawing of this picture, scaling each measurement down to 1/10 of its original length. My height is 170cm, so what will the height be on your piece of paper…?
Group Activities
Use the in-depth problem-solving investigation ‘Follow the numbers’ from NRICH as today’s group activity.
Or, use these activities:
-- Scale down a drawing by a factor of 10.
-- Scale down Lego houses to 1/4 of their original number of bricks.

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With TA/Tutor

These materials are for a TA or Tutor to use with a small group of children or one child.
They support the learning in class in this unit.
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Mental/Oral Maths Starters

Day 1
Double numbers to 50 (pre-requisite skills)

Day 2
Halve even numbers to 100 (pre-requisite skills)


Day 1
Help a caterer work out how to cater for parties 4 times and 10 times the size of a standard party.

Day 2
Draw shapes according to instructions then scale them down by a factor of 4.

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving

  • The postcards in the art gallery measure 15cm by 10cm.
    One is of a painting which is 4 times bigger.
    One is of a painting which is 10 times bigger.
    One is of a painting which is 5 times bigger.
    Write the measurements of each painting.
  • A painting in the museum measures 160cm by 100cm. The gift shop sells posters of the painting at 1/4 full size and postcards at 1/10 full size. How big are posters and postcards?

In-depth Investigation: Follow the Numbers
Adapt this investigation to find the digital root and multiply by 4 or 10. Keep following this rule and see what happens. Investigate the patterns when you start with different numbers. Follow the Numbers from

Extra Support

Double Double
Multiplying by 4 by doubling twice; Dividing by 4 by halving twice