Short Blocks

Maths Year 2/3 Summer Addition & Subtraction (B)

See our Back to Lockdown? materials in each Unit. Short video about Lockdown materials
If only 1 or 2 children are at home, provide them with our Learning at Home Packs.

The majority of units have TA/Tutor Activities specially designed for groups of children needing adult support. Remember that tailored Whole class catch-up activities are available to revise Key Skills from the year before.

A Block is divided into bite-size Units, each of which provides differentiated teaching and practice of one or two specific Skills.

Shopping and subtraction (suggested as 5 days)

Coping with Lockdown?

With TA/Tutor

These materials are for a TA or Tutor to use with a small group of children or one child.

They support the learning in class in this unit. Notes are provided for teacher and TA/Tutor.

Back to Lockdown?

If your class/school is closing for a while, we're here to help.

Year 2: The Route Map below outlines what to teach online, and what to practise at home. The Home Pack provides all materials needed at home.

Year 3: Home Packs are not available for Y3 for this unit. Please adapt Y2 packs or use the 'Local Lockdown?' units on the Summer term home page.