Short Blocks

Maths Reception Summer Comparing and Measuring

Hamilton's Reception Maths planning targets the key characteristics of effective early learning:

  • Through Exploring and Playing, children independently engage with their peers and their environment.
  • Active Learning group activities promote the motivation needed to be involved and to keep trying.
  • Guided Creating and Thinking Critically supports development of problem-solving & reasoning skills.

Maths Out Loud: whole-class counting, repetitive chants, rhymes, songs and a linked story to enjoy together.

Measuring outside (suggested as 5 days)

Maths Out Loud


  • Walk across or a short way around the playground, with the children following you in a line.
  • Say that we will do this again, but this time we will count as we go.
  • Walk slowly counting in unison as you go. You can count your steps but do not worry if the children are not exactly in sync!
  • When you get back to where you started, discuss how many steps you counted – what a lot!
  • Repeat if possible. Is it the same number of steps this time?


Ten Green Bottles
e.g. at this version from the BBC

TEN green bottles hanging on the wall, TEN green bottles hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall, there‛ll be...

NINE green bottles hanging on the wall...


ONE green bottle hanging on the wall...

NO green bottles hanging on the wall!


Goldilocks and The Three Bears by Susanna Davidson
Discuss the bowls and their sizes and how much porridge they each hold.
Model using play bowls and a tea-set.

You Will Need

Exploring and Playing

Water tray; food dye; plastic containers (some with measurements); scoops or spoons; funnels; number cards; 'Measuring words' (see resources); toy cars; wooden blocks or crates; wooden planks of wood or plastic tubes; chalk; metre rulers; play tea set; water bowl; dried beans/ rice; small bowls.

Active Learning

Different sizes and shapes of plastic containers; water – coloured or natural; cups; labels; funnels; chalk; cars; metre ruler.

Creating and Thinking Critically

Two sets of similar items but different sizes e.g. jugs, teapots; water; cup; plastic bottles - different sizes; cups; tuff spot; funnel; paper/ thin card; dry lentils; Sellotape/ masking tape; bikes and other things to ride on; Finish and Start lines.