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SPAG: Apostrophes for possession; recounting events in a story

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

Apostrophes for Possession Grammar PowerPoint
Children revise the difference between plural and possessive -s before learning how apostrophes can be used to show possession, both singular and plural.

Day 1 Teaching
Explore the Isle of Fright map in Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears. Discuss the author’s ideas and intentions and help children to understand and enjoy the humour. Note that maps and diagrams can give the reader context for a recount.
Children read the ‘Visitors Map of the Isle of Fright’ and explore the vocabulary, jokes and the humour within it. They write a brief recount of what happens when Little Mouse is scared.

Day 2 Teaching
Explain that today you will explore a real-life recount of a scary event, written as a news report. Read and analyse the first few paragraphs of the news report, then recap on features of a recount.
Children read the report in ability-pairs and answer questions about the structure, language and content of the text.

Day 3 Teaching
Read the newspaper page in Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears. Ask from whose perspective the story is written and how the mice are portrayed within the report. How do children think the report will end?
Children write a news report style recount based on the Three Blind Mice. The report is for the Mouse Times newspaper, so children will need to write their recount from a different perspective to that of the book.

SPAG: Adverbials; adding detail and creating tension

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

Adverbials Grammar PowerPoint
Children learn how adverbials can modify verbs, giving information about time, place and manner. They understand that prepositions often open adverbials and that fronted adverbials are punctuated with a comma.

Composition: Biographies of inventors

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar Revision PowerPoint
Revise simple past tense and also the perfect form of the past tense. Also revise the use of adverbials to add description and detail.

Adverbials for Biographies PowerPoint
Teach adverbials for time, place and manner, noting how they often begin with a preposition. Show how fronted adverbials are punctuated with a comma.

Verbs and Tense PowerPoint
Explore simple past and present forms, present and past continuous (progressive) and perfect forms (present and past) of verbs.

Revision of Tense PowerPont
Revise simple, progressive and perfect forms of verbs.