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Verbs PowerPoint
Teach children to identify active verbs and their subjects, also how to use auxiliary verbs in creating continuous verb forms.

Conjunctions PowerPoint
Explain single clause sentences, then demonstrate how conjunctions are used to add subordinate clauses, giving information about time, place and cause.

Adverbs for Time, Place and Manner PowerPoint
Children briefly revise verbs before exploring how adverbs modify verbs and clauses, giving information about time, place and manner. They consider the impact and punctuation of adverbs, depending on position.

SPAG: Verb tense, perfect form and role-play

SPAG: Grammar and Punctuation

Tense and Form PowerPoint
Teach children about verbs, noting what defines an active verb. Explain tense, and introduce present, simple past, then present perfect form.

Adverbs Expressing Time and Place PowerPoint
Children explore different adverbs, noting that some end in –ly. Demonstrate how adverbs are used to add information about time, place or manner.

SPAG: Using and punctuating dialogue

SPAG: Grammar and Punctuation

Dialogue PowerPoint
Teach children about speech marks, end of speech punctuation and how to use and punctuate reporting clauses.

SPAG: Writing and punctuating direct speech

SPAG: Grammar and Punctuation

Punctuating Direct Speech PowerPoint
Teach the conventions for writing direct speech, including speech marks, reporting clauses, commas and starting new lines with every speaker change. Spot and correct errors in punctuated speech.