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Composition: Writing a version of an African story

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

SPAG PowerPoints – Revision
This presentation revises clause, phrases and words used as adverbials and shows how these can be used to give information about time, cause, place and manner.

The Quest
A simple fantasy narrative told in the form of a quest. It is ideal for children whose comprehension outruns their ability to decode as it draws on iconic characters such as superheroes which are culturally relevant to children and engage their attention.

You can purchase printed copies of this Group Reader from Hamilton Education.

SPAG: Identify grammatical word classes

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar PowerPoint: Grammatical Word Classes, including adverbials
Children learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions and then use phrases starting with a preposition to create adverbials.

Grammar PowerPoint: Writing dialogue

Children learn about speech marks, correct end of sentence punctuation, and layout for dialogue. They also consider where the placing of the reporting phrase at the end or in the middle of the speech.

SPAG PowerPoint – Adverbials and fronted adverbials
This presentation uses a step by step approach to explain first adverbs, then adverbials, including phrases and clauses, and finally fronted adverbials including correct punctuation.

SPAG: Using conjunctions to express time, cause and place

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

SPAG PowerPoint – Conjunctions: time, place, cause
This presentation revises the concept of a clause (verb/subject) and then teaches the use of conjunctions to add information about time, cause and place.