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Core: Read reports, analyse features and write short NCR

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

Features of Reports Powerpoint
Discuss the purpose of non chronological reports. Note different report types and the contexts report writing may be found. Explore the features, including structure, layout and organisation.

Diary of a Lively Labrador
Diary of a Lively Labrador, by Ruth Merttens, uses the recount form of a traditional diary to tell the story of a Labrador who enlists an unlikely accomplice to help him get back into his mistress’s good books after a prolonged period of bad behaviour. The narrative is lively and humorous and children of 7 and over who are not necessarily wholly confident readers will find it easily accessible.

You can purchase printed copies of this Group Reader from Hamilton Education.

Conjunctions: Time and Cause PowerPoint
This presentation revises clauses, subject and active verb, and shows how we can use conjunctions to add clauses and giving information about time, place and cause.

Prepositions, Adverbs, Time, Cause PowerPoint
Children revise prepositions and adverbs, and learn how to extend sentences using phrases starting with prepositions or adverbs to add information about time, cause or place.

Clauses and Conjunctions PowerPoint
Children learn to recognise main clauses and subordinate clauses. They see how subordinate clauses can be linked using conjunctions to add information and learn how to position the clause at different places in the sentence using correct punctuation.

SPAG: Identifying and Using Adverbs of Certainty

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

SPAG PowerPoint: Adverbs of Certainty
This is a short PowerPoint which revises the use of adverbs to modify verbs in the context of wanting to indicate a degree of certainty or possibility.

SPAG: Using modal Verbs to indicate degrees of possibility

SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

SPAG PowerPoint: Using Modal Verbs
Children are shown how modal verbs are placed in front of the active verb in a sentence and can be used to modify a verb by indicating how certain or possible something is.