Maths Year 3/4 Autumn Shape

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Symmetry and 2-D shapes (suggested as 3 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1 Teaching
Define and explore lines of symmetry using online animations/examples.
Further Teaching with Y4
Explore symmetrical patterns on a square grid.
Group Activities: T with Y4
Use the ‘Tremendous tiles’ in-depth problem-solving investigation below as today’s group activity.
Or, use these activities:
Y3 -- Complete symmetrical pictures, either pre-drawn or self-drawn.
Y4 -- Create patterns with horizontal or vertical lines of symmetry.

Day 2 Teaching
Explore regular and irregular heptagons and their properties.
Further Teaching with Y3
Identify properties of polygons and use associated vocabulary.
Group Activities: T with Y3
Y3 -- Introduce the Venn diagram; use it for sorting 2-D shapes.
Y4 -- Sort polygons into a Carroll or Venn diagram.

Day 3 Teaching
Describe and sort irregular polygons.
Further Teaching with Y4
Classify types of triangles, learning associated vocabulary.
Group Activities: T with Y4
Y3 -- Sort a wide range of 2-D shapes into a Venn diagram.
Y4 -- Identify, classify and sort a range of triangles.

You Will Need

  • ‘Symmetrical patterns’ sheets 1 and 2 (see resources)
  • ‘Folding houses 1 and 2’ (see resources)
  • Small pieces of paper, scissors and squared paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Sticky notes and rulers
  • Large 50p and 20p coins
  • A wide selection of 2-D shapes (regular and irregular: ideally paper, card or very thin plastic)
  • ‘Pentagons, hexagons and octagons’ sheet (see resources)
  • Additional activity sheets (see resources)
  • Sorting hoops and A3+ pieces of paper

Short Mental Workouts

Day 1
Lines of symmetry

Day 2
Feely bag 2-D shapes

Day 3
Odd one out 2-D shapes


Day 1
Y3: Identify symmetry on drawings and complete symmetrical drawings.
Y4: Grid symmetry patterns.

Day 2
Y3: Find and describe the odd one out of sets of shapes.
Y4: Properties of regular and irregular polygons: Draw a shape to match each description.

Day 3
Y3: Sort 2-D shapes.
Y4: Classify and describe triangles.

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving


  • Draw a 2-D shape with at least 1 curved side and 2 lines of symmetry.
  • How many lines of symmetry in a regular pentagon?
  • Can you draw a…
    -- 4-sided shape with exactly 2 right angles?
    -- Hexagon with every side a different length?
    -- Regular octagon?
  • Circle any regular polygons (see download).


  • How many lines of symmetry in a regular pentagon? Hexagon? Heptagon? Make a generalisation based on your answer.
  • Draw triangles to match each description:
    -- With a right angle and the shortest side is 3cm.
    -- Two sides and two angles are equal.
    -- No equal angles; one side twice as long as one other side.
  • Make as many generalisations as you can about this collection of shapes (see download).

In-depth Investigation: Tremendous Tiles
Children explore creating patterns of tiles with three asymmetrical blocks. They look for, and identify, lines of symmetry, creating patterns with at least two lines of symmetry.
Adapt for Y3 by challenging them in the first instance to simply create a symmetrical pattern.

Extra Support

Y3 and Y4: Making Squares
Investigate the different squares you can make on a 5 × 5 pegboard. (Rather than find out the areas of the squares made, as suggested) Use the same pegboard to practise making other polygons. Are any of them symmetrical? Making Squares from