English Reception Autumn Story Sequence and Captions


Enjoy sharing texts such as Whatever Next, Man on the Moon and The Little Kids First Big Book of Space to explore the different features of fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as talk, read and write about space.

Blast 0ff! (suggested as 5 days)

Active Learning

  1. Story-time: Whatever Next
  2. Preparing for space
  3. Toys in Space
  4. Space travellers

Creating and Thinking Critically

  1. Label a rocket
  2. Packing for space
  3. Journeys
  4. Stargazers

Exploring and Playing

  1. Role play
  2. Lunar landscape
  3. Model rockets
  4. Storytellers

Books to Share

  1. Read Whatever Next. Encourage children to think of as many different ideas as possible; children use because to justify their opinion.
  2. Share Whatever Next storyboard (resources). Say it is a way to sequence the story. Use it to retell the story. Repeat with the children joining in, adding actions and also expression.
  3. Focus on p.7 of Toys in Space. Read the labels. Children identify special toys and describe them. Next display a range of labelled soft toys to read together. Reinforce using phonic knowledge to read words.
  4. Re-Read Toys in Space. Discuss if children believe there are aliens in space. Respect their ideas. Ask children to say what they would do if an alien spaceship landed in their garden requesting help!

Poetry/Rhyme of the Week: Astronaut and Rocket Ship!
Introduce the poem and tune on Monday (send copies home). Rehearse and sing throughout the week, e.g. waiting to go to lunch/ to focus on carpet/ just for fun! Develop performance and add actions.