SPaG: Grammar and Punctuation

1) Presentation: Sentence Punctuation
Revise what makes a complete sentence and how these are punctuated. Explore the syntax of a sentence (subject, verb, object) and how these work together to make meaning.

2) Presentation: Formal and Informal Language
Revise what is meant by formal and informal register and how it can be created through vocabulary choices, contractions, question tags, ellipsis and breaking grammar rules!

3) Presentation: Word Classes
Revise word classes (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, determiner, pronoun, conjunction), how they function in a sentence and practise identifying words by class.

Presentation: 5-Minute Revision, Unit 1
Deliver quick, focused revision (sentence punctuation, formal and informal register, word classes), which requires children only to have whiteboards. Questions are intentionally similar in content and style to the formal KS2 tests.