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Extra Maths Support - Year 6

The extra support activities below match Hamilton’s weekly maths plans. We now also provide Year 6 maths as short blocks. We will eventually be phasing out the plans, as we believe our short blocks offer you all of the same advantages and more, including the integration of the problem-solving investigations into each unit of study. Find out more about the advantages of Hamilton's short blocks.

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SATs weeks

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Zoom, zoom, zoom (1), Mystery moves (2)

Zoom, zoom, zoom (1): Understanding place value in numbers with 3 decimal places; Placing numbers with one, two or three decimal places on a number line. Mystery moves (2): Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 an d1000.

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Score a century (1), Tantalizing ten thousand (2)

Score a century (1): Adding any pairs of 2-digit numbers (mentally). Tantalizing ten thousand (2): Adding pairs of 4-digit numbers using column addition.