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Year 1 Maths Homework

For many parents, homework is the only picture they get of what their child does at school. For this reason, Hamilton have put a great deal of effort into writing suitable, fun and home-friendly activities for children and parents to share together. Children will benefit and so will parents and teachers!

The activities rehearse core numeracy skills that you may wish children to practise or keep on the boil. Read our maths homework blog for more advice about using them.

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Adding to nine

Identify two-digit numbers.  Learn pairs of numbers, which added together make nine.

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Bingo for learning

Learn pairs of numbers which added together make 10 by playing a simple dice game.

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Christmas maths

Draw straight lines at angles to form stars.  Counting the number of lines drawn.

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Count the clocks

Tell the time using digital and analogue clocks.

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Hand and foot maths

Recognise numbers between 10 and 20 using hands and feet to show the number.

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How long are we

Understand how we measure and compare lengths using a book as a unit of measurement.

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How many eggcups

Understand how to estimate and measure the capacity of a container.

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Make a track

Read, write and order numbers from 1-20 as a number track.

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Missing spoons

Learn pairs of numbers, which added together make 10, by playing a simple missing spoon game.

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Rocket launch

Practise counting back from 10 and 20 to launch a rocket into space.

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Sharing seven

Learn pairs of numbers, which added together make seven using items from around the home such as books, toy cars or teddy bears!

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Telephone keypads

Recognise, read and order two-digit numbers using a telephone keypad.