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Year 6 English Homework

For many parents, homework is the only picture they get of what their child does at school. For this reason, Hamilton have put a great deal of effort into writing suitable, fun and home-friendly activities for children and parents to share together. Children will benefit and so will parents and teachers!

The activities rehearse core literacy skills that you may wish children to practise or keep on the boil. Read our English homework blog for more advice about using them.

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Best episode yet

Write play script for a next episode of a favourite serial, considering character and plot. Use play script layout.

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Choose a headline!

Use a headline as a starting point for a humorous or fantastic story. Children write with imagination, using journalistic style and vocabulary.

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Christmas – not all good

Use persuasive words and techniques to present an argument.

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Favourite book

Making judgements about books giving opinions, justifying these with reasons and using persuasive language to encourage others to read the chosen book.

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Green ideas

Understand the grammatical functions of different types of words to create bizarre or nonsense sentences.

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Long and longer sentences

Understand how to connect sentences in different ways in descriptive and imaginative writing.

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Make it negative!

Use suffixes and prefixes to extend vocabulary and improve spelling. Children would benefit from taking home or using dictionaries.

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She was poor

Use conjunctions (connecting words) to write complex sentences and see how they change the connotation or meaning of the sentence.

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Short and sweet

Select key information from a text and summarise in a limited number of words.

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Starting a word

Understand that prefixes can be used to give a word a particular meaning. Learn the meanings of common prefixes.

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Truths and sayings

Study idioms and proverbs from many cultures, work out what truths these express and then make up their own humorous proverbs.

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Where is it?

Understand the role of prepositions and use them in descriptive writing.