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Year 5 English Homework

For many parents, homework is the only picture they get of what their child does at school. For this reason, Hamilton have put a great deal of effort into writing suitable, fun and home-friendly activities for children and parents to share together. Children will benefit and so will parents and teachers!

The activities rehearse core literacy skills that you may wish children to practise or keep on the boil. Read our English homework blog for more advice about using them.

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A Funny Thing

Write a written account of something that happened to them or someone they know to share with classmates.

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Animal Magic

Create lists of adjectives to describe a creature real, imagined, alive or extinct.

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As brave as a mouse

Understand how similes are created and their role in creating comparisons.

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Chef challenge

Children create simple recipes to instruct other children how to create their fantastic foodstuffs!

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Christmas letter

Write a ‘thank you’ letter for an unusual Christmas present.

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Different openings

Write three story starts, followed by discussion in class about the differences between a descriptive start, an action start and a start containing dialogue.

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My worst chore

Write an explanation text for a labour saving device that does your worst chore for you!

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New character

Invent and describe a new character using imaginative language and description.

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Plural chase

Understand the changes we make to words when they become plurals: s, es, ies or a new word.

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Simple explaining

Write two simple explanations in no more than four sentences for two different audiences.

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Spelling rules

Use common spelling rules and patterns, understanding that there are always exceptions!

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What is it?

Practise using elaborate descriptive language to describe common household objects.