Teaching grammar

Teaching Grammar: Upper Key Stage 2

Use these Grammar PowerPoint lessons to teach and revise Grammar for your Year 5, Year 5/6 or Year 6 class.

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Active and Passive Voice

Using active and passive voice: identifying subject, verb and object; active voice and passive voice; using and writing active and passive voices.

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Devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs: using pronouns to make links and avoid repetition; using pronouns to replace nouns and noun phrases; determiners as cohesive devices; subordinating conjunctions as cohesive devices; using adverbs to explain how words relate to each other and to give meaning to links to do with time, order, lists, adding, causes, contrasts, manner; how to use paragraphs to help organise writing; adverbial words, phrases, clauses; adverbials of place, number and time; topic sentences.

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Commas and Colons

Harder punctuation: using commas, colons and bullet points; punctuating vertical lists.

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Descriptive Language, Adjectives and Adverbials

Descriptive language: adjectives; adverbs;  adverbials, including prepositional and noun phrases; with slides to practise identifying different types of descriptive language and what words they modify.

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Formal and Informal Language and Subjunctive

Formal and informal language: register, audience, situation and context; vocabulary; contractions; question tags in informal language and to soften command clauses; breaking the rules using ellipsis and omitting  relative pronouns; verbs in the subjunctive mood.

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Possibility Adverbs and Modal Verbs

Adverbs and modal verbs: indicating degrees of possibility; certainty, ability and obligation; negative modal verbs; shades of meaning; using modal verbs

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Relative Clauses

Relative clauses: relative clauses with nouns or pronouns; use and omission of relative pronouns; relative clauses as subordinate clauses; punctuating relative clauses and embedded relative clauses.

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Word Classes

Word classes: nouns (including proper nouns); verbs; adjectives; adverbs; pronouns; prepositions; articles; conjunctions.