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Group Readers for Lower Key Stage 2

Group Readers are short, illustrated A5 books designed to be read with 3 to 6 children working as a group. They can be used as extended texts alongside any phonics scheme or simply as a story to read in the classroom. Most have black and white illustrations that could potentially be coloured in by the children. 

These books are superb for the group reading sessions required as part of the weekly teaching of reading and have been built in to the Hamilton weekly plans for each year group. They are matched to the stages of learning phonics, from basic (linked to Code-Breakers Books 1 or 2) to more advanced (linked to Code-Breakers Book 4), although they can be used outside these ranges if required. 

In order to facilitate opportunities for children to follow the text in their own copies of the books, Group Readers are available to purchase cheaply at cost from Hamilton Education.

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The Pobble who has no toes

The Pobble who has no toes. This is a beautifully illustrated version of the famous poem by Edward Lear.  The way that the text is broken up into sub-verses enables children to read it with little difficulty and there is a matching sound file to support them. 

This Group Reader is available to purchase from Hamilton Education.