Teaching grammar

Teaching Grammar: Lower Key Stage 2

Use these Grammar PowerPoint lessons to teach and revise Grammar for your Year 3, Year 3/4 or Year 4 class.

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Adverbials and Fronted Adverbials

Adverbials: telling us about a verb; answering ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘how’ questions; adverbials with prepositions; word order of adverbials; fronted adverbials; punctuation; multiple adverbials.

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Apostrophes: difference between plural  and possessive ‘s’; plural possession; apostrophes for contraction.

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Descriptive Language, Adjectives and Adverbials

Descriptive language: adjectives; adverbs;  adverbials, including prepositional and noun phrases; with slides to practise identifying different types of descriptive language and what words they modify.

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Dialogue and Punctuation

Punctuating speech and dialogue: direct speech and reporting clauses; capital letters and direct speech; interrupted direct speech; commas and clauses; explanations and questions; change of speaker.

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Noun Phrases

Noun Phrases: revision of nouns and adjectives; noun phrases; expanding noun phrases using prepositional phrases.

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Pronouns: personal, possessive, relative pronouns; determiners vs possessive pronouns.

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Verb tenses: past form; present form; progressive form; past simple; past continuous; perfect form.

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Time, Place and Cause

Expressions of time, place, cause and manner: expressing time with conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs; verbs and time, place and cause; choosing the best conjunction; punctuating conjunctions; prepositions and prepositional phrases linking phrases to sentences;  adverbs to express time, place and manner; ordering adverbs.

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Word Classes

Word classes: nouns (including proper nouns); verbs; adjectives; adverbs; pronouns; prepositions; articles; conjunctions.