National Curriculum

Year 2/3 English Plans (Set A)

Hamilton provide mixed Y2/3 weekly English plans (below). We hope, in time, to develop flexible blocks for this mixed year combination. Find out more about our plans to phase out mixed age plans and publish Y2/3 English blocks.

Hamilton's Year 2/3 English plans cover all of the statutory objectives of the National Curriculum for England's English objectives. The Coverage Chart lays out how these are met in a two-year rolling programme (Set A & Set B). Medium and Long Term Plans summarise books used and grammar taught. Individual plans include an outcomes table.

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Fiction 1: Books by the Same Illustrator

Children explore adventures into the imagination through the works of Satoshi Kitamura & Hiawyn Oram: Angry Arthur; In The Attic & Millie's Marvellous Hat. Children read and discuss stories and illustrations, write their own stories, research an illustrator and invent a marvellous hat. Grammar includes past and present perfect tenses; use of conjunctions and clauses. The unit ends in Kamishibai storytelling: a traditional Japanese entertainment where children can perform their writing to an audience.


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Fiction 2: Stories with an element of fantasy

Using Otto the Book Bear, The Library Lion and The Cat in the Kitchen children investigate stories with an element of fantasy. Use these texts and a visit to the local library to investigate plot elements and develop your own stories, involving dialogue. Adapt, edit and develop stories and look at common language features, such as alliteration.

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Non-fiction 1: Non-chronological reports

Explore the books Report on Unicorns and Tell Me a Dragon  and generate some fantastic descriptive vocabulary. Learn how to structure, plan and write non chronological reports about unicorns and dragons inventing your own amazing dragon.

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Non-fiction 2: Recounts

During this sequence the children will learn all about recounts. They will read some stories of amazing animals including The Great Serum Race and Saluki Hound of the Bedouin and write their own recount from the perspective of one of the animals.

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Poetry 1: Poems by the same writer

Using the very popular Please Mrs Butler poetry collection by Allan Ahlberg, childrenn will learn poems off by heart before writing their own poems based on the original. They will explore how using adjectives and adverbials can enhance their poem as well as how to give a really good performance to an audience.

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Poetry 2: Humorous poems

Children read and enjoy a range of humorous poetry, collected in The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems. They learn and perform poems; investigate and discuss poem types and features; explore poetry through drama and write new versions. Grammar and punctuation include: expanded noun phrases, direct speech and sentence punctuation. The unit ends in the compilation of a class anthology of humorous poems, with introductions written by the children.