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Year 2 English Plans

We provide Hamilton Year 2 English both as weekly plans (below) and as flexible blocks. We will eventually be phasing out the plans, as we believe our flexible blocks offer you all of the same advantages and more. Find out more about the advantages of Hamilton's flexible blocks.

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Fiction 1: Stories by the same author - Anthony Browne

Children read and discuss some wonderful Anthony Browne books looking at the features that make them distinctive. They use skills of inference to interpret the stories and create characters for an illustrated story book of their own, based on The Night Shimmy. Books also used in this plan by Anthony Browne are Gorilla, Willy the Wimp and Silly Billy.

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Fiction 2: Quest stories

Children read a range of quest stories, exploring structure and language choice. They explore 4 types of sentence and experiment with tense. Children write their own extended stories, concluding by performing their writing to a younger child. This plan uses the books Lost and Found and The Way Back Home, both by Oliver Jeffers and We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. It also uses Hamilton Group Reader The Quest.

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Non-fiction 1: Information texts

Children learn about the different dinosaurs in Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. They explore the features of information texts using Hamilton Group Reader, Nana, what's an information text?, and write a fact file about a dinosaur. They write questions, design a quiz and use past and present verb tenses.

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Non-fiction 2: Recounts

Children learn about the structure and vocabulary of recounts first by listening to, reading and writing fictional recounts. Then they plan and write a recount from their own experience using conjunctions to write longer sentences. Hamilton Group Reader, Boris and Sid go camping, is used is used to prompt discussions about a trip or outing.

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Poetry 1: Favourite Poems

Children listen to and read a range of poems of different types. They choose their favourite of each type and write it out in their best handwriting. Discuss punctuation used in poetry and the features of good handwriting. Children recite their favourite poem from home.

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Poetry 2: Really looking - birds

Children use their imagination to write a class poem about where they would go if they could fly like a bird. They look at eagles and swans and find exciting vocabulary. Then they write short poems based on haiku about birds that interest them.