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Year 3 English

claire-field.jpg By Claire Field

Hamilton offers rich and engaging English planning that covers all the Year 3 SPaG objectives, as well as developing higher-level literacy skills including comprehension and extended writing.

Flexible English Planning for Year 3

Hamilton's flexible English blocks are designed to put the teacher in control. Teaching is organised into themed blocks focussed on one or more key texts of a particular type (fiction, non-fiction or poetry). The key text or texts represent a particular genre within that text-type, for example, 'myths and legends', 'reports' or 'poems on a theme'. Each block comprises a small number of units that can be used independently or as a set that builds progressively towards an extended piece of writing. Teachers can select the units most relevant to their Year 3 class and adjust the length of time spent on different aspects of English teaching. In addition, all of Hamilton's flexible English blocks include age-appropriate SPaG-focussed units. These units can be taught as stand-alone teaching or as part of the whole block. Find out more about how SPaG is integrated into our English blocks.

Explore our Flexible English Blocks for Year 3.

Supporting Documents for Teaching English in Year 3

Year 3 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)
Hamilton's English planning includes a grammar scheme which provides an overview of a developmental approach to teaching grammar from Year 1 through to Year 6 to help with whole-school planning. Download our grammar scheme.

In addition, we provide lower key stage two SPaG slide presentations for teaching and revising grammar with your Year 3, Year 3/4 or Year 4 class.

Group Readers
Hamilton have published over 100 group readers - beautifully illustrated short books matched to the stages of learning grammar. Designed to share in groups of three to six children, they are available to download or buy. They will enhance any scheme of English!