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Chinese New Year in Reception

By Julie St Clair Hoare - 1 Feb 2024

Use Chinese New Year on the 10th February to kick off our exciting cross-curricular topic about carnivals and parades and link it with our two week English plans all about dragons.

Chinese New Year in our Celebrations cross-curricular topic

It's the Year of the Dragon! Chinese New Year is on Saturday 10th February 2024 - that week is the perfect time to kick off our Celebrations block about carnivals and parades with your Reception class. Start by learning all about the Chinese New Year and then decide if you want to stop there or continue with our follow up blocks in which Nian takes the children on a journey through a variety of exciting carnivals from around the world.

Poor Nian monster is always chased away from Chinese New Year! Will he ever find a festival or parade where he belongs? Take Nian on a colourful journey to Mardi Gras, help him discover the Japanese Lantern Festival and march to the beat of the New York Thanksgiving Parade. Sing, create special art and a marching dance with thanksgiving hats.

Chinese New Year in our English plans for Reception

Link the topic with our Reception English Plan all about Dragons and Chinese New Year. A fiery two-week plan, in which children learn all about dragons in stories, and then about the place of these fearsome beasts in Chinese New Year celebrations. In the first week children draw on the dragon books they read in class to write sentences about a dragon of their own. In the second week they learn about Chinese New Year traditions and festivities, writing captions to go with New Year’s banners they have made in class.

Story-telling Videos

Wilf Merttens tells the Dragon/Dinosaur story. A town in China is preparing for their New Year celebration, when news of a Dinosaur reaches them! Can class FB save the day?

Adele Moss tells the story of the Race Across the River. This traditional tale explains how each year came to be named after an animal. Hamilton Friends and Subscribers can also download a beautifully illustrated version of this story.