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Problem-solving Maths Investigations for Year 4

Nick Barwick By Nick Barwick

Hamilton provide an extensive suite of problem-solving maths investigations for Year 4 to facilitate mathematical confidence, investigative inquiry and the development of maths meta skills in 'low floor – high ceiling' activities for all.

Use problem-solving investigations within every unit to encourage children to develop and exercise their ability to reason mathematically and think creatively.

Investigations provide challenges that offer opportunities for the development of the key mathematical skills while deepening conceptual understanding. They are designed to be accessible in different ways to all children. An added bonus is the substantial amount of extra calculation practice they often incorporate! The problems are designed to help children identify patterns, to explore lines of thinking and to reason and communicate about properties of numbers, shapes and measures.

Hamilton provide a mix of our own specially commissioned investigations, that include guidance for teachers together with a child-friendly sheet to guide your pupils through the investigation, as well as links to investigations on other highly regarded websites.

I am very grateful for Hamilton Trust resources, particularly the maths investigations.

Julia, teacher in Wiltshire

You can find Hamilton's investigations for Year 4:

Do read our extensive range of advice for more information about the investigations and for tips on how to use them effectively.