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Offer to Tuition Partners in The National Tutoring Programme

Ruth Merttens By Ruth Merttens

Hamilton Trust has designed specific materials, in English and Maths, closely linked to the curriculum, to support Tutors (and TAs) working one-to-one and with small groups.

The materials help your tutors deliver high quality tutoring. The resources consist of:

  • Specifically designed sessions targeting basic skills for each Block of learning
  • Sessions directly linked to whole class learning
  • Differentiated activities for small groups or one-to-one
  • English: pairs of sessions, one focussed on reading, one on writing
  • Maths: pairs of sessions targeting key skills and problem-solving

Pricing for Tuition Partners (TPs) in the National Tutoring Programme
Tuition Partners can provide access for some or all of their tutors to Hamilton materials, including the specific materials written to support Tutors working one-to-one and with small groups.

Each Tuition Partner can choose from the following two options:

1. The TP supplies us with a list of tutors and emails. We register each tutor on our site and charge an amount depending on the number of sets (or part sets) of 30 tutors.

  • Our charge will be £75 for the first 30, and £50 for each additional 30 (or part of 30). As an example, 200 tutors would attract a charge of £75 + 6 x £50 = £375
  • The TP could then later add as many subsequent tutors as they wanted and, having paid the first £75, each 30 (or part) would attract a £50 charge.

2. Alternatively, TPs could themselves enrol all the primary tutors on their books at £1 per tutor (minimum 250). Following the model that we use for subscribing schools, Hamilton requires the email address of an administrator at the Tuition Partner. We then provide instructions enabling that person to enrol the TP’s own tutors.

Any invoices would come from Hamilton Education Ltd and be exclusive of VAT.

Hamilton Trust is an educational charity dedicated to helping primary teachers teach and children learn We’ve been providing teaching and learning resources for the primary sector for over 20 years, and we estimate that at least 25% of teachers in England use Hamilton resources.

Please feel free to contact us at if you would like more information.