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Long term and medium term planning in English

Ruth Merttens By Ruth Merttens

Hamilton’s flexible English Blocks are designed to enable teachers to follow their own preferences, as well as the specific needs of children in their class, and to pick and mix what they choose to download and use. Given this is successful, how can we help teachers construct a long term or medium term plan for English?

The answer lies in the Medium Term Plan. We provide a template for you to create your own personal Medium Term or Long Term plan. This can be 4 or 5 weeks or as long as the whole term or even year.

  • Decide which Units in which Blocks you are planning to teach. Make a list, arranged in the correct order.
  • Download the Medium Term Plan template. You can download this for every year group from the appropriate Flexible English year page.
  • Look at your first Unit. Write the date you plan to start and the number of days you intend to spend on it. NB. This may not be the same as the number of days Hamilton suggest for this unit. You may want to spend longer on this aspect of English, or you may want to do it faster than we suggest.
  • Write the focus for this work. This may be the focus in the Unit Title, or it may be that focus plus another chosen by yourself, having read the teaching summaries. For example, in a SPaG unit, which is focussing on past perfect form, you may see that you have the opportunity to focus also on Comprehension skills. It is important that you, the teacher, decide your focus with the children’s needs in mind.
  • Then populate the rest of this row in your medium term plan by copying/pasting the information given in the table below the template. This table contains all the descriptions of the content and texts of each unit. All you need to do is find your unit and extract the information to copy into your table.
  • The first row of your Medium Term plan is done. You can repeat this process for the next unit you intend to teach, and the next and so on. Each row should take only a few minutes to complete.

Bingo! You have constructed your Medium Term plan.

Hopefully this has Saved Your Sunday!