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Inspire Your Class to Create Landscapes Like L.S. Lowry

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

Explore the art of Salford-based painter L.S. Lowry. His densely populated urban landscapes appeal to children and adults alike and will encourage your children to paint their own landscape environment.

L.S. Lowry was an influential English painter of urban landscapes whose works hang in museums worldwide and The Lowry, a Salford museum dedicated to his art. His work features in many Christmas cards and also in two Hamilton Art and Design focussed cross-curricular topics, one in key stage 1 and one in key stage 2. Use his artwork to introduce your class to the exploration of painters and art styles.

Compare rural and industrial artwork in KS1

Our fabulously creative KS1 topic about two famous artists will get your class comparing and contrasting the intricate and detailed industrial artwork of L.S. Lowry with the expressive rural artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. Learn about the lives of these significant creative people and generate interesting questions to ask them. Be inspired to create your own artwork 'in the style of...'!

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I wanted to paint myself into what absorbed me ... Natural figures would have broken the spell of it, so I made my figures half unreal.

L.S. Lowry

Discover three world-class painters in KS2

Introduce your LKS2 children to three outstanding twentieth-century artists, L.S. Lowry, Joan Miró and Frida Kahlo. Learn about the lives and times of these painters, one English, one Spanish and one Mexican. Be inspired to paint your own urban landscapes like Lowry, abstract works like Miró and self-portraits like Kahlo. Identify and express feeling through paint.

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