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How to use the Learning at Home Packs

Ruth Merttens By Ruth Merttens

How to make the most of our Learning at Home Packs

Hamilton’s small team is united in our determination to keep supporting teachers, parents and children through these times. We’re publishing 12 weekly packs of systematic sessions, to guarantee coverage and progression. These packs can be used alongside other materials as the backbone of learning.

From week 3, the weekly packs build on the teaching children have already had. No new concepts are introduced, as we understand, that, without the requisite face-to-face, direct and nuanced teaching, children can become confused and discouraged. Brand new harder concepts or tricky procedures require professional, tailored teaching. Therefore, we focus attention on sustaining existing skills and embedding knowledge to provide deeper, more robust understanding. In this way, children will be poised ready to take off with new learning on their return to the classroom.

Maths Overviews for Teachers  - coverage and progression across 12 weeks 
The overviews outline weekly teaching (PowerPoint presentations with voice-over), practice and mastery. All weeks have two topics - typically, calculation with one other maths topic.

Year 1 Maths Overview | Year 2 Maths Overview | Year 3 Maths Overview
Year 4 Maths Overview | Year 5 Maths Overview (v2) | Year 6 Maths Overview

English Year Overviews & Weekly Summaries for Teachers
There is one overview for each year group and a weekly summary with the work for all year groups for each week. The overviews contain the content over 12 weeks, in terms of genres of text, types of writing and stimulation, and SPaG.

Year 1 English Overview | Year 2 English Overview | Year 3 English Overview
Year 4 English Overview | Year 5 English Overview | Year 6 English Overview

Week 3 Summary | Week 4 Summary | Week 5 Summary | Week 6 Summary | Week 7 Summary | Week 8 Summary | Week 9 Summary | Week 10 Summary | Week 11 Summary | Week 12 Summary | Week 13 Summary | Week 14 Summary | Week 15 Summary

Tips and guidance for homeschooling. Please feel free to share them with your class's parents and carers.

Available for download now:
Reception – three maths activities and three English activities for each week
Nursery and Reception – play activities to share
Years 1 to 6 - the first 8 weeks of Learning at Home packs for maths and English

Explore our Learning at Home Packs.

Are you looking for the pre-Easter Learning at Home packs?

We recommend that new users start with Week 3, but if you want our more revision based materials from Week 1 or Week 2 you can find them here.