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Discover da Vinci with our KS1 Topic about Inventors

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

The second of May is the anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci in 1519. Celebrate his life with Hamilton's inspiring key stage 1 block about inventors, and enable your class to come up with inventions of their own!

In Hamilton's Famous for 5 Minutes - Inventors cross-curricular topic block, children discover Leonardo da Vinci and some of his inventions.

Choose a single session about da Vinci's inventions, or extend your exploration of the theme of inventions to the Wright Brothers and find out how to become inventors yourselves.

Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions

'Da Vinci and his Parachute' (Session 2) gives you everything you need to explore da Vinci's idea for a parachute. First make his parachute and then design and make children's own parachutes.

'Da Vinci's Inventions and Technical Drawings' (Session 3) explores da Vinci's transport designs more widely. Find out about his flying designs and look at copies of his transport designs as technical drawings. Children complete their own technical drawings of a vehicle or make models of one of da Vinci’s vehicles.

Either or both of these sessions make a perfect celebration of da Vinci's 500th anniversary.

Be inspired to become an inventor!

To extend the theme of invention for longer, start with the block's introductory session about what inventors do, and then go on to other sessions to find out how children can become inventors. Order transport inventions through time and compare da Vinci's parachute with the Wright Brothers' airplane. Children can find out how to apply for an inventors license, and then design, create and present their own inventions.

Take a look at our Inventors block for key stage 1.