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Animated Resources

Suzie Hunt By Suzie Hunt

Storytelling videos and animations build reading fluency and understanding of different kinds of texts.

Friends and School Subscribers have access to a wide range of inspiring supporting materials that can be used as kickstarters for individual lessons or a suite of lessons. They engage children's attention, raise issues and demonstrate good storytelling tactics. Videos and animates add variety to your presentation and complement any English planning.

Animated Tales
Hamilton's animations of stories and poems present modern and classical texts in a lively context with prompts for discussion points that you can uncover together with your children.

Animated Facts
Hamilton's animations of non-fiction subjects help children learn about our world and their place within it. You and your children can experience different styles of presenting information and discover visual prompts that reveal further facts.

Storytelling Videos
Our storytellers bring a variety of fables, fairy-tales and modern stories to life in videos of recitals of stories from around the world.

Quick Phonics
Practise your phonemes! Click on a phoneme and challenge yourself to spell words with that sound. There is a version for children to practise and another version for adults to check and improve fluency with phonemes.

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