Hamilton has online training videos for teaching the new curriculum Maths.

Maths Training by Prof Ruth Merttens

Get ready for the new Primary maths curriculum! Prof. Ruth Merttens shows you how to prepare to start teaching the new curriculum.  Four online training videos get you started, and a short introduction answers some of the most common questions about how to manage the new curriculum.

Mastery - Home or Away?

Getting to grips... What is mastery?

What does the new National Curriculum actually mean in practice?


Harder Calculation in the New Curriculum: A Developmental Approach

This is the follow on training from Ruth's original 2-part calculation training videos below.


Hamilton Calculation Training Pt 1 by Prof. Ruth Merttens

The two videos below comprise a training package suitable for one staff meeting which lasts about 1.5 hours and is entitled 'Creative teaching, progression and continuity in primary maths'.


Hamilton Calculation Training Pt 2 by Prof. Ruth Merttens