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Upper Key Stage 2 Human Reproduction and Relationships

Hamilton believe that the subject of human reproduction and relationships merits particular attention in the Upper Key Stage 2 years, most likely to be covered in Year 6. This topic covers key aspects of those subjects in pairs of thoughtful, nuanced and age-appropriate sessions on some of the challenging issues arising from consideration of similarities and differences, lifecycles, life choices and sexual health and pregnancy.

Block A
2 sessions
Same and Different

These sessions introduce the topic. Appreciate that although there are many physical differences between plants and animals, these differences are not necessarily good or bad or important to function or ability.

PSHE, Science
Block B
2 sessions
Life Cycles

Look at the life cycles of the butterfly, frog and flowering plants. Discuss reasons for reproduction and animals facing extinction. Look at the human life cycle and compare the stages with those of other animals.

PSHE, Science
Block C
2 sessions

Consider the physical developments and shape changes between infancy, childhood and adulthood. Continue research into the life stages of another animal, looking at how quickly infants develop.

Block D
2 sessions

Look at the changes that take place during puberty. Discuss menstruation and rites of passage on reaching puberty in different cultures. Look at the emotional changes in puberty and the meaning of friendships.

PSHE, Science
Block E
2 sessions
Life Choices

Look after a Flour Baby for a week. Discuss how names are chosen and their meanings. Think about all the different relationships that children have with other people. Research marriage customs in different cultures.

PSHE, Science
Block F
2 sessions

Look at human fertilisation, pregnancy and baby growth. Watch a video of a birth and discuss other forms of delivery. Discuss how the parents’ lives will change. Research birth rites of passage in different cultures.

PSHE, Science
Block G
2 sessions
Sexual Health

Discuss how contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancy, but can protect against STIs/STDs. Discuss one STI/STD in more detail: HIV/Aids. Look at statistics and discuss Memory Books and World Aids Day.

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