Staff Meetings: school-wide maths training

Hamilton is now creating packages of materials to enable you to run your own in-school maths training.  Each set of materials consists of a set of downloadable, adaptable documents and files that together provide everything you need to run sessions based on Ruth Merttens' maths mastery training. A senior teacher or an experienced maths teacher can use the resources provided to run training sessions to ensure a whole-school approach to teaching mastery of age-related expectations in maths.

Our first session is all about consistency in models and images throughout your school.  You can go straight to the session - Consistency in Models and Images - or explore the elements that make up the package below.

What's included in the training package?

  • Session Outline

    Explicit notes lay out a structured session to guide the presentation and discussion of concepts and issues by the convener.
  • Mathematical Notes

    Detailed mathematical notes describe the mathematical pedagogical background from Early Years through to Year 6 to support age-specific discussion and analysis.
  • Training Presentation

    A clear and engaging PowerPoint presentation provides the content and illustration to structure the core of the session.
  • Videos

    Professor Ruth Merttens has recorded short videos that set the session context and explain key concepts, while providing a bit of Ruth's inspirational spark.
  • Activity Handouts

    Discussion activities make the session meaningful for your teachers and generate actionable information to develop a whole-school approach to teaching.
  • Follow-up Session

    We recommend scheduling a short follow-up session to monitor progress, share successes and discuss any emerging issues to ensure real action.