Key Skills and Outcomes Sheets: monitoring templates

Hamilton provides a number of tools for monitoring progress toward mastery in maths. Our Outcomes Sheets and Key Skills lists will help you ensure that your children are learning the things they really need to know in order to become functional mathematicians.

Outcomes Sheets

Hamilton's Outcomes Sheets facilitate regular recording of pupil progress against mastery outcomes. Use them to quickly record day-to-day or weekly observations to help you target your planning where it is most needed. You can also use them to update whatever formal tracking system you are using at less frequent, more convenient, intervals (e.g. at your regular assessment points), which will make this task much simpler.

Outcomes Sheets will provide an ongoing record of work towards mastery of age-related expectations for you, for the children, for parents, for your colleagues and for Ofsted.

Using Outcomes Sheets to measure individual progress

The Pupil Outcomes Sheets are complete skills lists to stick in the back of each child’s exercise book or Maths folder. 

  1. Each time you mark a child’s work, flick to the back of the book and shade the Outcomes Sheet to match your judgement of the child’s achievement. Are they only able to do the calculation or understand the concept with a lot of support? Or can they usually perform well? Have they completely mastered it?
  2. Encourage children to record, using traffic lights, their impression of how it went.
  3. There is also a space for a parent input if desired.

Maths Outcomes Sheets are divided by term and follow Hamilton's maths plans. If you have a mixed age range class, you will need to match the relevant years’ sheet to the correct pupils. Note that the sheet for a Y2 pupil in a Y1/2 class differs from a Y2 pupil in a Y2/3 class, because it follows the weekly planning which is specifically targeted at the mixed age group.

You can download the Outcomes Sheets from the top of each Maths National Curriculum page. Find your year group below.

Key Skills: Monitoring templates

Hamilton's Key Skills are distilled down from the complete set of National Curriculum requirements. They allow you to focus on the things you need to 'go to the wall' for. These are the building blocks of maths, without which children will be blocked from making progress in their mathematical understanding. We strongly recommend using targeted tracking to ensure that these lists of skills are fully mastered as children move through primary school.
  • Foundation

    Key Skills monitoring template for Foundation.
  • Year 1

    Key Skills monitoring template for Year 1
  • Year 2

    Key Skills monitoring template for Year 2
  • Year 3

    Key Skills monitoring template for Year 3
  • Year 4

    Key Skills monitoring template for Year 4
  • Year 5

    Key Skills monitoring template for Year 5
  • Year 6

    Key Skills monitoring template for Year 6