Take the Hogwarts Express to inspiring Harry Potter revision plans

Hamilton is excited to publish our new Harry Potter Year 6 English revision unit.

These plans have been written specially to support teachers in making the Spring Terms of Year 6 a lively, fun and inspiring time for the children, while at the same time achieving the revision necessary for SATs.




Designed to provide a truly inspirational term's work, this Inspire/Revise unit is divided into nine themed blocks (A-I). The blocks guarantee an exciting and stimulating literary experience, as well as covering all necessary revision, including the grammar, punctuation and spelling for the SPAG tests. Blocks A-E follow the sequence of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, allowing the class to read the book alongside the teaching. The final blocks (F-I) select some of the best bits from the rest of the series, whilst avoiding spoilers.

For each block there is a teaching plan, a set of printable resource documents, a presentation to support whole class teaching and a 5-minute revision PowerPoint. These revision PowerPoints can be used independently of the blocks, as quick, focussed reviews of key grammar, similar in content and style to the formal KS2 tests. We are pretty sure that you'll love them!

Find out more about the unit below, or head this way to get started straight away with our Year 6 Harry Potter-themed revision plans

The magic within...

Click below to find out more about the resources in our Harry Potter Inspire/Revise unit.
  • Grace's Guidance

    This guidance document is key to using and understanding the unit. Use it to discover the structure and flexibility of the blocks, as well as how to make the teaching a truly immersive experience for the children.
  • Overviews

    This essential and handy guide to the content, coverage and activities contained within each of the Harry Potter blocks will help you plan your term. See how the Harry Potter chapters correspond to different text types.
  • PowerPoint Revision

    These 5-minute sets of revision activities, mainly around grammar and punctuation, can be used as standalone resources, or as part of the unit. Children need only whiteboards and a few spare minutes.
  • Pinterest

    Make your teaching an immersive experience with the supporting images and ideas on our dedicated Pinterest boards with links to a wealth of activities, free printables and other ideas to inspire your class.

Harry Potter Block A: Story openers & letters includes opportunities for revision of word classes and sentence punctuation. Children will look at letter writing and will create their own ‘Howlers’ to send!

Harry Potter Block B: Descriptive & predictive writing revises noun phrases, modal verbs and relative clauses. Children discuss which Hogwarts house they might be suited to and have the opportunity to be sorted!

Harry Potter Block C: Instructions & rules looks at sentence forms and apostrophes for contraction and possession. Children role-play a wizarding duel and write a guide to surviving Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Block D: Information & explanation texts reviews adverbials and parentheses. Children create and perform a Quidditch skirmish and write reports for a new information text for the Hogwarts’ library.

Harry Potter Block E: Narrative texts revisits cohesion within paragraphs and expressing time, place and cause (conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions). Children retell an exciting scene from a different point of view.

Harry Potter Block F: Recounts Children explores the cohesion between paragraphs (adverbials) and verb forms (simple, progressive, perfect). Children report on a stand-out moment in Hogwarts’ history.

Harry Potter Block G: Persuasive texts re-examines active and passive voice, adverbs of possibility and subordinate clauses. Children perform an advertisement for Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and write letters to save Buckbeak.

Harry Potter Block H: Newspapers and dialogue goes over dialogue and reported speech; colons, semi colons and commas; and punctuating lists with bullet points. Children write a report on a Triwizard Trial – and roleplay interviews with Rita Skeeter.

Harry Potter Block I: Testing & Celebration gives children an experience of formal testing, providing mock Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests and a Reading test in the style of KS2 papers all following the Harry Potter theme.