Hamilton English

Hamilton provides a complete set of English plans for single- and mixed-age classes, plus a range of supporting resources to enrich your teaching of all genres and aspects of English.

Lesson planning

We believe that it is vital that we teach children to read and to write with competence and confidence, but also that we inspire and stimulate them so that they want to read and write, and so that both activities bring them happiness and fulfillment. Hamilton's English plans and supporting resources do just that, while also covering all statutory objectives of the National Curriculum for England.

The English plans are organised into two or three week units focused on a type of text such as traditional tales or poetry.

Lesson Plans

Hamilton's English plans are written by highly experienced English teachers. Each plan includes daily whole class teaching, guided group work, paired and individual practice activities based on specific objectives from the National Curriculum and a plenary session. Every plan includes built-in differentiation. The plan layout allows teachers to see and track progression in composition, comprehension and grammar according to National Curriculum headings. There are dedicated sets of plans aimed at mixed year classes.


Hamilton provide resources such as printable worksheets and activities, animated stories and lnks to useful websites. Each plan includes a list of any specific books or other resources you might need.

Additional materials for English

There is plenty of additional material to bring writing to life on the Hamilton website. Use these alongside our plans, or independently.
  • SPAG

    Use our Grammar PowerPoints to teach and revise Grammar with Key Stage 2 classes.
  • Inspire/Revise

    Use our Harry Potter themed revision plans to prepare for Year 6 SATs.
  • Animations, videos, games

    A range of videos and interactive resources will help you bring stories to life.
  • Group Readers

    Download or buy beautifully illustrated short stories that complement the Hamilton plans.
  • Phonics

    Code-Breakers is a child-friendly synthetic phonics phoneme-to-grapheme programme.
  • Guidance documents

    Reference and advice materials to help build required knowledge and skills.

Supporting documents

We provide a set of supporting documents that will help you plan your teaching for each term. Our Long Term Plans give you the overview of the teaching for the entire year. Coverage Charts show exactly which objectives are covered in which plans. The Medium Term Plan includes each week's required texts, a brief description of the lessons and grammar focuses. The termly Book List lists required and suggested books. The Outcomes Sheets help you track children's daily progress towards mastery quickly and efficiently.