English support for teachers

Hamilton provides complete core planning for English lessons as well as enticing extras to enhance any scheme. Our plans (and extras) are written to encourage enthusiastic, fluent readers and writers from Reception through to Year 6, including mixed age group combinations.

At Hamilton, we believe that it is vital that we not only teach children to read and to write with competence and confidence, but that we inspire and stimulate them so that they want to read and write, and so that both activities bring them happiness and fulfillment.  Our engaging plans and wide raft of supporting materials do just that.  At the same time, our plans have a layout that allows teachers to see and track progression in composition, comprehension and grammar according to National Curriculum headings through each unit. The plans enable teachers to teach the whole of the National Curriculum for England in structured, but also stimulating, lessons.

Guidance, sample documents and reference materials

  • Guidance from Ruth

    Professor Ruth Merttens describes Hamilton's English plans and our rich bank of resources that will enhance ANY English scheme.
  • Coverage chart

    Coverage charts help teachers and senior managers ensure comprehensive curriculum coverage for English.
  • Storytelling Videos

    Our storytellers bring fables, fairy-tales and modern stories to life in video performances of texts from around the world.
  • Group Readers

    These illustrated books, designed to be read by children in small groups, complement Hamilton's (or other) English plans.