Africa (Old Curriculum)

World Cup 2010 (Old Curriculum)

Children's rights and the millennium development goals are studied in relation to Africa and the UK. Health, water, food and trade, Mandela, African art, history and geography are all covered and support to link with an African school is given. Gain your International School Award!

Each Topic is written for a particular Key Stage. If you use a Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

This Topic was written for the old National Curriculum of England.  We have left it on the website so that teachers unconstrained by the new National Curriculum can continue to access this material.  Teachers in England would have to adapt this Topic to the new curriculum or use some of the new Topics available on the website. 

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01: Sporting South Africa - the past

On 18th August 1964 South Africa’s invitation to the Olympic Games was withdrawn. What followed was nearly thirty years in the sporting wilderness. In this session children study key dates and events which are added to a timeline.

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02: From the sporting shadows

Since the ban was lifted South Africa has become one of the World’s top sporting nations and has even been awarded the World Cup in 2010. But what impact did the ban have on the lives of South Africa’s sporting stars of the past?

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03: African sporting stars

Who is your sporting hero? Children consider who their sporting heroes are, what makes them great and introduces the idea of sportspeople as role models. Children then investigate some African football idols for a game of top trumps.

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04: World united

260 million people can’t be wrong! In this session children discover that there are few differences between the sports they like and participate in and those that children in Africa enjoy, before experiencing some traditional African games.

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05: Spotlight on South Africa 2010

In 2010 the eyes of the World will be on South Africa and a country where once no sports teams visited will be a focal point for 32 teams and their fans. Children find out more about the nine host cities and create tourist guides for each.

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06: The world at its feet

Qualification started with 205 teams back in 2007… Now only 32 remain! Children take a look at England’s hopes before adopting a country to follow throughout. They prepare a short presentation about their chosen country.

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07: Mini world cup

Is your school ready for kick off? In this session you help the children plan a mini world cup for your school. How can you get other children involved? Who will take responsibility for each aspect of the mini tournament?

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08: Eye on the ball

With the World Cup in full swing both in school and in South Africa it’s time to become a statistician mathematician! Children use real data collected on their World Cup wall charts to find answers to their own questions.

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09: Building a sporting future for Africa

In this session children take a look at successful Olympic bids from London and Rio de Janeiro before starting to put together their own 2020 bid on behalf of one of the World Cup host cities.

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10: Olympic Games - an African aim

The host of the 2020 Olympic games will be …? The groups present their Olympic bids before the winner is announced. The real decision won’t be made until 2011, but will Africa be awarded the games for the first time?