Africa (Old Curriculum)

Children's rights (Old Curriculum)

Children's rights and the millennium development goals are studied in relation to Africa and the UK. Health, water, food and trade, Mandela, African art, history and geography are all covered and support to link with an African school is given. Gain your International School Award!

Each Topic is written for a particular Key Stage. If you use a Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

This Topic was written for the old National Curriculum of England.  We have left it on the website so that teachers unconstrained by the new National Curriculum can continue to access this material.  Teachers in England would have to adapt this Topic to the new curriculum or use some of the new Topics available on the website. 

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English Plan 1: Poetry - finding a voice

Using Live Earth, children consider poetry about international issues. They discuss children’s rights, then evaluate and respond to poems on this theme. Using 'We are All Born Free' and 'For Every Child', children write and publish their own poems about children’s rights.

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01: See for yourself

Brief introduction to the Convention of Children’s Rights is followed by a close look at the book We Are All Born Free. Watch and discuss short cartoons from UNICEF that illustrate different human rights. Children give reasons for their choice of best cartoon

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01a: Responsibilities

Discuss how the cartoons seen yesterday link to the book We Are All Born Free. Discuss how with rights come responsibilities and what responsibility means. Play the String Game using rights and responsibilities and discover how strong a net can be made

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02: Design a page

Look in detail at the variety of illustrations in We Are All Born Free and discuss production of a class book of children’s rights. Each child designs a page about a particular right and the responsibility that links to it. In groups evaluate the planning

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02a: Publish our book

Discuss key words, rights and responsibilities used in children’s designs. Look at the different art techniques used in We Are All Born Free. Children are given time to create their page for the class book using their chosen technique. Make the book and front cover.

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03: Millennium goals 1

Briefly explain the history of the millennium development goals and discuss how they link with human rights. Children work in groups to discuss what things they have learned about that are relevant to each goal. Which goals would be kept if we could have only 4?

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03a: Millennium goals 2

Decide which millennium development goals are the most difficult for us to achieve and why. In small groups children plan a mime to illustrate one of the goals in the most powerful possible way. Make banners for each millennium development goal to display while presenting the mimes to a wider audience