Block D - Night Animals and Day Animals

Animals are always fascinating to children and this topic details numerous creative and exciting learning activities inspired by this stimulus.

Listen to tales about animals that like to come out in the day and the animals that like to come out at night. Think about concepts of night and day and time. A chance to focus on animals that live in the countryside and especially the ones that prefer to come out at night. Learn about British mammals such as foxes, badgers and bats and also snakes such as the adder and the grass snake. A lovely block with a special focus on music, movement and dance.

The Topic Overview outlines the outcomes and objectives of the whole topic, with more specific detail, including resources lists, provided in the Block Overview.

This Topic is written for Reception. If you want to use this Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

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01: Night and day

Children explore the concept of daytime and night-time. They share bedtime routines and know what to do when they wake up. They identify activities that happen during the day and at night.

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02: Fabulous flying animals

Children learn about diurnal and nocturnal flying animals and understand why they are active at different times of the day. They identify different British flying animals, explore their characteristics and sort them.

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03: Deep underground

Children understand that some animals burrow underground. They identify nocturnal British burrowing animals and describe their features through art and design.

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04: Careful creepers

Children know hedgehogs and cats are nocturnal. They explore the behaviour and physical characteristics of British nocturnal animals through dance and movement. They express their thoughts through art and design.

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05: Carnival of the nocturnal animals

Children take part in a musical extravaganza! They explore how to make repeating musical patterns from percussion instruments and perform collaboratively. They make a mask of their favourite British nocturnal animal and celebrate their learning.