Modern Europe

Block C - Germany

Discover Modern Europe in this exciting and informative topic. Understand the amazing physical and human geography of Modern Europe. Travel around, learn key facts and explore the varied countries that make up our European continent. Develop skills in human and physical geography and further your historical and cultural knowledge of these countries as well!

Become a professional footballer in Germany and learn about the team you represent and its regional geographic features. Explore physical and human aspects of the region. Take an enchanted journey with the Brothers Grimm into the Black Forest and discover why this landscape influenced the retelling of some of our most famous traditional tales. Put on your own performance in the backdrop of the Black Forest - a backdrop you have created yourself!

This Topic is written for Lower Key Stage 2. If you want to use this Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

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01: German football towns

Become national football heroes in a 5-a-side German football tournament; find out more about your football town and the geography of the region; create a new team strip Wordle.

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02: Mapping key geographical German regions

Learn how the forest, mountains and rivers have been used by human; focus on your football region to create a 3D map.

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03: Fairy tales and the Black Forest

Explore the influence of the Black Forest on the traditional tales of the Brothers Grimm; keep an eye out for Hansel and Gretel, and that wicked witch!

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04: A very geographical performance

Create your own version of a traditional Brothers Grimm tale, based in the Black Forest; perform and record your tale, having first created the perfect forest backdrop.