Problem solving

Problem-solving Investigations - Year 1/2

Hamilton provide weekly Mixed Year 1/2 maths problem-solving investigations (below). These mixed-age investigations below will be phased out when we phase out our mixed age weekly maths plans.  Year 1/2 short maths blocks will be coming during Summer Term for September 2019 and will include investigations for every unit. Find out more about the timetable for Hamilton's Y1/2 maths blocks, including investigations.
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New Neighbours

Children use digit cards to make two-digit numbers between neighbouring multiples of 10.

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Stop me if you can! (Y1), Jack's amazing beanstalk (Y2)

Stop me if you can! (Y1): Children create diagonal lines on a 1 - 100 grid by adding and subtracting 10 and 1, whilst trying to stop their partner doing the same. Jack's amazing beanstalk (Y2): Children double numbers and add to a running total, and then look for patterns.

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The animals have a busy day

Y1: Children add single-digit numbers to numbers between 30 and 40, aiming to bridge 40. Y2: Children look for numbers which have a difference of 5.

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Pink or blue?

Children explore the number of half past or quarter past and quarter to times in a day by looking at the two sides of the clock.

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Children use the same size 'carriages' (rods) to make a 'train' of 20 units.

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Dicey coins (Y1), Sixteen rocks (Y2)

Dicey coins (Y1): Children roll a dice to determine how many coins they can take. They try to choose coins with a total of either 10p or 20p. Sixteen rocks (Y2): Children arrange place value cards to make three-digit numbers and then add the digits. They look at patterns.

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Domino additions

Y1: Children use dominoes to generate two-digit number plus one-digit numbers additions in a pattern. Y2: Children use dominoes to generate pairs of numbers with a given total.

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Diary disaster

Children find out which letter is used most often in a page-a-day diary which uses shorthand for each month.

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Halving chains

Children investigate which numbers from 1 to 20 (Y1) or 50 (Y2) will give the longest halving chain (each 'link' must be a whole number).

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Change challenge

Children find different ways of getting 1p, 2p, 3p...change when buying cakes costing 1p to 20p and using 2p, 5p, 10p or 20p coins.

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Time challenge (Y1), Make it equal (Y2)

Time challenge (Y1): Children use time vocabulary to write times on analogue clocks. Make it equal (Y2): Children find pairs of numbers to satisfy an equality.