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Maths Homework - Reception

For many parents, homework is the only picture they get of what their child does at school. For this reason, Hamilton have put a great deal of effort into writing suitable, fun and home-friendly activities for children and parents to share together. Children will benefit and so will parents and teachers!

The activities rehearse core numeracy skills that you may wish children to practise or keep on the boil. Read our maths homework blog for more advice about using them.

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Animal sequences

Talk about, recognise and recreate simple patterns in a simple animal sequencing game (2 sheets).

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Dinosaurs to ten

Count reliably up to 10 and find one more than a number from one to 10 using a counting up poem, Dinosaurs to Ten (2 sheets).

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Ten dinosaurs on a trip

Start to count back from 10 and find one less than a number from one to 10 using a counting down poem, Ten Dinosaurs on a Trip (2 sheets).

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Dinosaurs on your way to school

Express thoughts and ideas through talk to describe dinosaurs, how they look and how they move by comparing them with different kinds of vehicles.  Practise number skills, counting to 10.