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These English plans were written to the Literacy Primary Framework (2006) and the 1999 curriculum. The Medium Term Plan sets out which plans meet which curriculum objectives.

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Narrative 1: Stories from other cultures

Using stories and Animated Tales based on oral stories from the Middle East and India, The Pearl Diver by Julia Johnson and Patricia Al Fakhri, children discover the first story ever written down, that dialogue poems are a popular text form in the Gulf and how a collection of stories can be written within a frame story.

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Narrative 2: Older literature

This unit encourages children to read and enjoy texts written over half a century ago, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and Just William by Richard Crompton. Children engage with these texts in their original written form, and also as abridged Audio CDs and as TV series. They interpret these texts and relate them to their own experience.

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Non-fiction 1: Explanation and information

Reach for the stars to understand the use of present tense and other features in explanation texts. Use the Animated Facts about Rowing to distinguish between fact and opinion, recounts and explanations. Write explanations about a sport or hobby as a web page.

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Non-fiction 2: Recounts - UFOs

In Wiesner’s book Tuesday strange events took place on a Tuesday around 8pm! As detectives, children interview witnesses before filing their report. Children also study differences between reports and magazine articles; identifying fact, opinion and bias.

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Poetry 1: The highwayman

The Highwayman comes riding up to the old inn door and into the classroom in this block. Building towards a performance children study the features of classic and narrative poetry like ‘The Highwayman’ as well as the art of performance poetry.

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Poetry 2: Choral and performance

This fun unit introduces children to the notion of different types of performance poetry, in particular classic choral, conversation, ballad-style and slam poetry, Dragons! By Nick Toczek, You Wait Till I’m Older Than You! by Michael Rosen, Guzzling Jelly with Giant Gorbelly by John Rice. Children will write a poem and perform it at the end of the unit in a slam style poetry competition.