Rhymes for Year 5

These Rhymes are excellent for encouraging speaking and listening. Easily learned by heart, they make a very useful support to the development of memory and of comprehension when reading short texts. Children can perform these Poems or Rhymes, or they can simply read, learn and enjoy them.

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Brave Young Jack

Down the mine goes brave young Jack A wooden ball rolls down the track... A rhyme told in five verses each with four lines of rhyming couplets.

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Get in Touch

Let me tell you how it is ’cos you’re not meant
to be alone in this world...

There are three verses to this song with some suggested instrumentation.

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Here are Grandma's Spectacles

Here are Grandma’s spectacles,
And here is Grandma’s hat...

There are two verses each with four lines. Children could invent some hand movements to accompany this rhyme.

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Hi. My Name's Joe

I’ve got a wife and two kids, and I work in the butter factory.

One day, my boss came to me and said “Joe Are you busy?” I said “No”....
This rhyme is known as a boy scout song. Each time the boss asks Joe to work adding another body part, so children will repeat the second verse and take turns suggesting, e.g. left hand, right foot, etc

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I Asked the Little Boy who Cannot See

I asked the little boy who cannot see,
‘And what is colour like?’
‘Why, green,’ said he....

Told in five pairs of rhyming couplets, this is about how a boy perceives colour.

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It's Magic! Ride an Enchanted Horse

One Happy New Year in the Kingdom of Persia
As the country rejoiced...

This rhyme consists of seven verses each with four lines and tells the story of the prince's pride for his enchanted horse.

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Melissa was a greedy child
She was not loud, she was not wild...

This rhyme is written in rhyming couplets and leaves us with a warning about the destructiveness of greed.

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Mother and Child

A child is born, a mother cares
for all her needs, her love she shares...
This rhyme in eight lines is the sad truth that that we all grow up and move away eventually.

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My Heart Leaps Up

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:

This short poem by Wordsworth describes the joy that he feels when he sees a rainbow.

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Red as a Berry

Little red hairy man
no taller than your knee...
Three short verses with four lines each. The phrase 'little red hairy man' occurs each time on lines one and three, enabling quick memorisation.

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The Ballard of Baba Yaga

She lives all alone in Siberia,
It’s not good for your health to get near to her....
This ballad warns you to stay away from the witch, Baba Yaga, a character from Slavic folklore. There are four verses with very catchy rhythmic patterns.

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There was an Old Witch

There was an old witch, believe it if you can;
She tapped on the window and she ran, ran, ran...
A traditional Hallowe'en favourite, told in two verses with rhyming couplets.

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Who Could Be My Animal Twin?

She goes out alone, a hunter by night
At home by the fire she curls up so tight...

There are five pairs if couplets, each describing an animal, which could be thought of as riddles. Guess the favourite animal! Children could be encouraged to write their own using this model.