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These English plans were written to the Literacy Primary Framework (2006) and the 1999 curriculum. The Medium Term Plan sets out which plans meet which curriculum objectives.

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Narrative 1: Myths and legends

Children spend a fun 3 weeks listening to, reading and forming opinions of a variety of the best Greek myths. They invent a mythical creature, make posters, write an ID profile, assume the role of a Greek hero and finally write their own amazing Greek quest.

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Narrative 2: Myths, legends, fables, traditional tales

Using drama, reading and writing, this two week unit explores settings and themes in traditional folk tales. Children compare these with modern versions, including Shrek film, looking at stock fairytale characters. Finally, children write their own extended tale.

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Non-fiction 1: Instructions - recipes and pet care

Use recipes in Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell to identify differences between fiction and non-fiction text and to stimulate recipe writing. Make pop-up cards without pictures and study recipes without ingredients to identify features. Then write instructions for pet care and as a poem.

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Non-fiction 2: Instructions

This 2-week unit has children working together to build model cars and write instructions to match. Then children write instructions to go with the ingredients from George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl before writing an atmospheric instruction poem to round off the unit.

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Poetry 1: Poems to perform - rhythm, raps and rhyme

The focus is on RHYTHM & RHYME in Performance Poetry. Week 1 centres on Gran, Can You Rap? by Jack Ousbey, and gets children writing their own raps. Then children look at Fire, Burn; and Cauldron, Bubble by William Shakespeare (Macbeth), learning it by heart and preparing a performance with movement and music.

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Poetry 2: Language play - riddles, wordplay and jokes

A two week poetry unit which starts off teasing children’s brains with the riddle game from The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. Then children move on to learning favourite poems by heart, writing own riddles and creating wordplay jokes. A guaranteed fun-filled favourite for boys.