Animated facts

Animated Facts for Year 3

Animated Facts are an absolute MUST for anyone with an interactive whiteboard. They consist of magical tales, wonderful poetry and motivating facts which are linked to our Plans and Topics. Each Animated Tale or Fact can be used with the whole class or a small group. They consist of engaging stories, classical or traditional poems and information packs which children can read or hear aloud. The animations link to more information or further activity suggestions.

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Bicycle Facts

A selection of screens explore aspects of bikes. ‘Facts’ generates a variety of interesting information. ‘Bikes’ explores tandem and racing bikes through labelled photographs. ‘Bike leaflet’ contains information on the benefits of cycling to health and the community and safety aspects such as helmets and cycle lanes. ‘Bike website’ shows a webpage selling bikes that illustrates features such as frame size, colours and materials. ‘History’ shows an interactive timeline which documents the development of the bike, key inventors and improvements. ‘Scooters’ focusses on tricks which can be performed on a scooter, along side information about motorised and kick scooters, labelled diagrams and safety information. ‘Scooter website’ shows a scooter for sale with information for a potential purchaser such as load limit, brakes, ability to be folded, price and target users. These screens would be useful support materials for persuasive writing, exploring non-fiction or history topic work.

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This set of screens explores unusual houses and buildings that use different materials. The screens begin with a simple question about where a cob house might be located to promote discussion and introduce the topic. Subsequent screens focus on other buildings made from unusual materials and include questions to encourage reflection. This resource would be useful when looking at unfamiliar building styles as part of geography topic work, or as a prompt for creative writing.