Animated tales

Animated Tales for Year 3

Animated Tales are an absolute MUST for anyone with an interactive whiteboard. They consist of magical tales, wonderful poetry and motivating facts which are linked to our Plans and Topics. Each Animated Tale or Fact can be used with the whole class or a small group. They consist of engaging stories, classical or traditional poems and information packs which children can read or hear aloud. The animations link to more information or further activity suggestions.

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These humorous poems by a single author, Edward Lear, are nonsensical limericks that all feature an animal. There are 6 limericks with one slide for each. There is plenty to discuss regarding nonsense: Why do you think Lear wrote nonsensical poems? Can you work out the syllable patterns for each line? E.g. the first limerick would be 9 9 6 6 10, but are they all the same? Discuss how the rhyme is equally important to the rhythm of these kinds of poems.

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Punch and Judy

Told in 31 slides, this classic fiction rendition of Punch and Judy follows a day on the life of Punch, Judy, the baby and crocodile. Judy is a modern day working mother and Punch is a stay-at-home dad. Today turns out to be disastrous, with large spills, messes and all kinds of things getting broken. A large booming voice eventually commands everyone to calm down - it’s the puppeteer. The characters turn out to be puppets after all and the puppet master helps restore order! Many slides have super ideas such as a recipe for Toad in the Hole when Punch tries to cook sausages; there is a set of suggestions entitled 'How to be a good parent' and plenty of historical information about the original Punch and Judy shows. This animation is rich in activities.

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Rowena Loved Trees

This is an adventure story told in 26 slides. Rowena adores trees but lives high up in a block of flats in a city. One day, after a rather unpleasant time at school and her friends, she ventures out to the woods and relaxes amongst the wildlife. She climbs a tree but, as she reaches the top, she slips and falls. On her way down she grasps a magical pine cone which enables her to fly. We follow her adventures until she returns safely to the ground. There are various writing activities linked to the story such as identifying other places or things you would climb, information about woodlands and making personal connections to Rowena’s experiences.

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Sean and the Small Suitcase

This is a narrative in a familiar setting told in 30 slides. Sean, his two brothers and his mum have moved in with Granny, much to her chagrin. When his granny loses her patience with him due to his untidiness, Sean becomes proactive and builds blue and red shelves that keep his room incredibly organised. Granny tells him he should go tidy up the attic. Sean finds he enjoys tidying and organising. He comes across some old suitcases containing his grandfather’s old toy cars. As a reward, Sean is allowed to keep them. Children could write about a time they were told to do something they thought they wouldn’t enjoy only to discover they did, or talk about a time they had to go somewhere they didn’t want to, but were able to make the most of it, just like Sean.