Animated tales

Animated Tales for Reception

Animated Tales are an absolute MUST for anyone with an interactive whiteboard. They consist of magical tales, wonderful poetry and motivating facts which are linked to our Plans and Topics. Each Animated Tale or Fact can be used with the whole class or a small group. They consist of engaging stories, classical or traditional poems and information packs which children can read or hear aloud.

Animated Tales are available from the HamiltonPlayer section of our website, which you can access with any Friend’s donation or School Subscription. To access Animated Tales for Reception, go to the Reception page of the HamiltonPlayer. You will be able to play the Tale of your choice directly by clicking 'play'.  Alternatively, you can download any tale as an .app file to play on a MAC, as an .exe file to play on a PC, or as a .swf file which will play if you already have the Flash player installed on your computer. 


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