Rhymes for Reception

These Rhymes are excellent for encouraging speaking and listening. Easily learned by heart, they make a very useful support to the development of memory and of comprehension when reading short texts. Children can perform these Poems or Rhymes, or they can simply read, learn and enjoy them.

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An Elephant

The Elephant goes like this and like that, he's terribly big and he's terribly fat....... Six lines of rhyming couplets, perfect for children to add actions while saying aloud.

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Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain.....
A well-loved, short traditional Nursery rhyme with simple rhyming within.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and fiddle.....
The all-time favourite nursery rhyme contains alternating rhyming lines with another verse added. Children could be encouraged to create their own new verse, using the same starting line pattern.

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Inky Pinky Ponky

Inky-Pinky-Ponky, Daddy bought a donkey..... This takes the form of a simple limerick.Children could be challenged to replace 'ponky' with another word that rhymes with a different animal, subsequently rewriting the rhyme simply but effectively.

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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.....
This much-loved nursery rhyme, in two verses, shows alternating lines rhyming, with opportunities to listen for rhyming within lines. For example: Jill and hill; down and crown.

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Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn....This nursery rhyme contains two verses, each comprising eight short lines, with alternate lines rhyming.

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Miss Polly

Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick, So she called for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick.....
This nursery rhyme contains eight lines written as rhyming couplets. Lines 1,2,3 and 4 contain repeated words for emphasis, which children love to chant.

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Night Time Thieves

What is it in my garden green? What is it that is seldom seen?......
A lovely, mysterious beginning verse sets the scene about something taking bites out of leaves. There are 4 verses comprising of short rhyming couplets, with verse 2 and 4 acting like the chorus.

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Piggy on the Railway

Piggy on the railway
Shouldn’t be there!
Along came an engine,
Piggy, take care!....

There are 6 verses, each pair contains repetition, where only the animal on the track changes. Children could add their own animals, while maintaining the overall pattern of each verse. There are suggested actions below.

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Ring a Ring

Ring a ring o-roses, A pocket full of posies.....
There are two verses of this nursery rhyme, each with four lines. Children could 'fall' to the ground at the end of verse 1. In verse 2 they could pretend to be the sleeping cows then 'jump' up at the end.

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Teddy Bear

Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Touch your nose,
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Touch your toes....

A lovely rhyme in two verses with lots of repetition making it easy to memorise; simple actions can be added, too.

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Three Little Monkeys

Three little monkeys were jumping on the bed, One fell off and bumped her head......
Each line of these three verses has a repetitive rhyming and wording pattern which aids memorisation. The last line of each is a little different, with the aim that children take away a lesson about safety here!

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Whiskey Frisky

Whisky Frisky.
Hipperty hop,
Up he goes
To the tree top!......

This rhyme contains four short verses like this. The two rhyming words at the start of verses 1-3 illustrate the squirrel's behaviour and appearance.